due to the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday, all orders placed after January 15th will be delivered between late February and early March.

Made to Order

Create your own favorite shoes.

There are two standards for MTO orders:

MTO with the same standard as RTW collection (standard leather sole and 8 stitches per inch for outsole stitching) is USD$50 surcharge based on the price of RTW collection, but it cannot be returned as it's customized. The lead time is 35 days.
The premium MTO (temporarily stop accepting new orders), which is made of a beveled or fiddleback waist with 12spi outsole stitching, real leather for toe and heel stiffeners and comes with last beechwood shoe trees. The price starts from USD$1000 (the final quote will be given in confirming email) The lead time is 4 months (limited two pairs per month). We only make last adjustment for premium MTO orders.

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