The Last Guide

The last is the heart of the shoe and the soul of the shoemaker. Crafting a good last is essential to providing the solid foundation necessary for any further steps down the road, and its development cannot be compromised. Therefore, after five years of meticulous research and testing, Yearn has perfected five main shoe lasts that will serve as the foundation for all our future growth. Each of our lasts offers a signature blend of comfort and style that defines the shape, form, and function of each pair of shoes we create, as well as our company’s long-term vision.


Last Y02 is our most standard and versatile design. Modelled after the classic trimmings of traditional English dress shoes, it features an elegant almond shaped toe that we shave down ever so slightly to give it a more slim, contemporary charm. Moreover, its snug width and long silhouette make it an excellent choice for Oxfords to match a formal suit, but can also lend a dash of refinement to even the most casual of settings and styles, including Chelsea or Derby boots. Last Y02 is our modern twist on a timeless classic, and as the first last we developed, we always recommend it to anyone looking for their first pair of Yearn shoes.


Last Y07 is the real deal. With a sharp, exaggerated chisel that swoops dramatically down toward its crisply defined square toe, this last pushes the boundaries of what “traditional” English dress shoes can be. Precisely for this reason, it has become a favorite of fashion forward trend-setters and independent artisans alike. When rendered in black calfskin or fitted into our Monkstrap, the Y07 is a distinctly masculine shoe perfect for double-breasted suits or those wishing to leave an impression. However, with a dark oak or brown suede Lazyman, the Y07 leaves just enough room for a sophisticated aesthetic in both denim jeans or a navy-blue suit. The fit of the Y07 is similar to the standard Y02, but with a slightly wider joint and lower instep. It not necessary to adjust your size.


Last Y03 is our standard chisel-toe, and can be seen as the less dramatic “big brother” to the Y07. With its small square head and subtle swoop, it is certainly a modern and elegant design suitable for a gorgeous one-of-a-kind patina patterning or those looking to stand out ever so slightly. However, its mellow edgings, full lines, and narrow fit lend it a more mature and less aggressive look than the Y07, making it the perfect choice for weddings, banquets, or any number of formal occasions where a good pair of Oxfords would do the trick. Although the instep is similar to the Y02, the slim width is the narrowest of all our lasts, and is only available in F width. We recommend ordering a half size up.


Last Y05 is for fans who respect the old school, but aren’t afraid to cut class every now and then. Straddling the space between the more conservative Y02 and the ultra-modern Y03, the Y05 last offers a slightly rounded toe with a soft square chisel, giving it a well-balanced elegance that is equal parts reliable and steady, but not rigid. This design invites the flair that a half-brogue may bring across the wing-cap while still maintaining enough slender grace to make it welcome in a business or formal setting. Perfect with just about all of our shoe designs (including boots) and suitable for any occasion, the Y05 is one of our most versatile lasts and features a similar fit to the standard Y02.


Last Y08 is designed exclusively for our loafers. Its rounded toe and slightly wide waist give it a robust appearance that is roomy and relaxed, while its low instep ensures a snug hold that gives it a better, tighter, “grip-on-the-go.” The Y08 is the standard when it comes to loafers at Yearn.