Shoe Trees
Shoe Trees
Shoe Trees
Shoe Trees
Shoe Trees
Shoe Trees

Shoe Trees

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High quality shoe trees are benefit for leather shoes to maintain their shape, reduce the creases of the leather and prolong the wearing life of the shoes. Wooden shoe trees are also able to absorb any moisture in shoes after a long day of walking.

Our shoe trees are customized based on the last shape, which can perfectly fit the Yearn shoes.

Material: Beechwood 

Available lasts: Y02, Y05, Y07 


The Craftsmanship

Handwelted craftsmanship in leather shoe production offers unparalleled durability, flexibility, and comfort due to meticulous hand-stitching techniques, ensuring superior breathability and personalized fit. With an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and ease of repair, handwelted shoes represent a timeless investment in both style and longevity.


During the handwelting process, our skilled craftsmen use needles and thread to stitch the welt to the upper and the insole, requiring exceptional manual dexterity and experience.

Hand-Stitched Outsoles

Hand-stitched outsoles allow for greater flexibility compared to machine-stitched alternatives. This flexibility ensures a more natural movement of the foot, leading to increased comfort, especially during prolonged wear.

Closed Channel

Closed-channel outsoles, seamlessly integrated into our Handwelted construction. Meticulously crafted for durability, they elevate both performance and style, ensuring every step is a statement of sophistication.